Timesplitters Future Perfect is a time travelling first person shooter which is set during multiple eras right from the past and into the future with weaponry ranging from steampunk rifles to Injectors which make people explode , Timesplitters Future Perfect is has amazing customiable bot settings, humour and it's new improved mapmaker as well as offering a full bot match league with challenges.


  • No update required except for Xbox One/Xbox Series S/X Backwards compatibility

  • Offline bot support

  • Arena Style

  • Has both campaign as well as bot match challenges to complete

  • 2 Player split-screen campaign co-op

  • 4 Player split-screen support for multiplayer (multitap required for PS2 version)

  • 4 player split-screen support per console over LAN for multiplayer for Xbox and PS2 versions (Gamecube version does not support LAN)

  • Mapmaker tool to create your own multiplayer maps