DOES IT HAVE OFFLINE BOTS? is a website dedicated to console games that support bots (A.I players) in offline multiplayer games.

We are here to showcase games both the blockbusters and the indies, as long as they are awesome and work without an active internet connection.

Each of the games featured on this site have been tested by us on real console hardware, not emulators. Although many new games now have mandatory updates, all of our testing after updates is 100% done in a fully offline environment with the console disconnected from any and all internet.

Why is the OFFLINE part such a big deal?

Many locations around the world do not have stable internet, and even if you do have high speed internet, online multiplayer games require servers to run, and servers aren't going to be around forever, with generations like the PS3 , Xbox 360 and Wii we have already seen a number of online services closed rendering online portions of games unusable by anyone, regardless of how your internet connection is.

DOES IT HAVE OFFLINE BOTS? highlights games that have multiplayer modes but can be enjoyed offline with no active internet connection that can be enjoyed offline anytime, anywhere , whether solo or split-screen, with you today or future generations tomorrow. Offline bots are an amazing way to enjoy the multiplayer experience of a game without relying on connecting to a server and instead playing with simulated AI opponents.

I have a game suggestion you should add

If you would like to see a game added to the OFFLINE BOTS database, let us know and will try out best to get it, if you are working on an upcoming game and would like to share info on it with us, please do let us know, we would love to learn about it.

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