Star Wars Battlefront is a third and first person shooter set during all three trilogies of the Skywalker Saga of Star Wars films  and is a reboot of the original Star Wars Battlefront game series. Although offline bot support was initially lacking, post launch updates have added two major offline modes Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron allowing players to fight AI on larger scale maps with vehicles.



Can I play Star Wars Battlefront offline?

Yes,  the new Star Wars Battlefront can be played offline without an internet connection, although updates are highly recommended as they added a significant amount of offline content post launch

Is there offline bot support in Star Wars Battlefront?

Yes, the new Star Wars Battlefront base game does include some basic missions, a battle mode which pits you against small amounts of AI on smaller maps and a survival mode, it is highly recommended to update Star Wars Battlefront as post launch content added a lot of free offline content mainly the two modes Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron, which allows you to play larger scale maps with objectives against bots.

Is there offline split-screen support in Star Wars Battlefront

Yes, in the console version you can play 2 player split-screen for the missions, battles, survival, Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes offline after updating the game.

Is there offline campaign co-op?

No, there is no campaign at all in the this Star Wars Battlefront, there is a small selection of missions you can play co-op split-screen but these can be completed in a matter of hours and act as a training mode. The Walker Assault and other AI/Bot modes are the core of the game.