Call of Duty Black Ghosts is a military first person shooter which is set primarily of the near future 2027, with conventional weaponry with imagined evolutions of them also, Ghosts is notable for having unique modes such as squads, survival, the new Extinction alien horde mode and introducing Dual Rendered scopes as well as mechanics such as field orders and dynamic map elements and map specific killstreaks.


  • No updates required

  • Offline bot support

  • 2 Player split-screen support for multiplayer on all console platforms

  • 2 Player split-screen survival mode

  • 2 Player split-screen support for Extinction (an Alien Horde mode similar to zombies)

  • 2 Player split-screen per console support for both multiplayer and zombies on a LAN connection (Wii U includes LAN support too)

  • Wii U version has special local split-screen mode, which allows 2 players to have their own dedicated screen, one on the TV and one on the Gamepad.

  • Wii U version has unique gamepad controls, can be played fully on the Wii U Gamepad, Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Classic Controller or with a Wii Remote/Nunchuk

  • Full Create-a-Class is unlocked from the start

  • 14 Maps with base game (additional as paid DLC)

  • 14 Survival maps (same as multiplayer maps) (additional as paid DLC)

  • 1 Extinction map