Hypercharge: Unboxed is an arcade first person shooter where you play as toy action figures, it's main mode is a wave based survival mode putting you in everyday area's like a Kids bedroom, the Garden outside and even a Toy Store. The wave mode will pit you against other toys like Robots, Plastic Army men and even has boss monsters like a Giant Plastic T-Rex, Hypercharge: Unboxed also features full offline bot support for the Wave mode and Deathmatches. Hypercharge: Unboxed has an amazing amount of customisation and unlocks and it is all available offline, the game is still in development and receiving regular updates.


  • Digital only release

  • Offline bot support

  • Wave based survival mode with buildables

  • Arena Styled

  • 4 Player split-screen support

  • Huge amount of customisation and unlockable, all achievable fully offline