Halo Infinite is a scifi first person shooter and the latest in the Halo series, Halo Infinite Multiplayer is completely free to play but still supports offline play even with 4 player split-screen on both Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X


  • Updates required

  • Works offline after updating

  • Offline bot support

  • 4 Player split-screen

  • Free to Download multiplayer


Can I play Halo Infinite offline?

Yes, Halo Infinite can be played offline for both the campaign and the multiplayer

Can I really play Halo Infinite with offline bots?

Yes, even though Halo Infinite multiplayer is completely free to play, you can play fully offline with bots

How many offline bots can you have in Halo Infinite?

As of the latest version you can have up to 8 bots in the game.

Do the free modes and maps work for offline in Halo Infinite?

Yes, the maps and modes work for offline, occasionally the offline will be behind one or two updates from the online part, but as of right now all the current maps and modes work offline.