Call of Duty Black Ops IIII is a military first person shooter which is set in during the futuristic year of 2043 and is actually a prequel to Black Ops III. Black Ops IIII has no campaign but does have extensive Zombie mode customisation and friendly Zombies AI bot support. It also further developed the specialist characters from Black Ops III and added new types of equipment to differentiate each specialist.


  • Mandatory updates required even with physical copy

  • Offline bot support

  • Offline friendly bots for Zombies

  • No Campaign, the small amount of story content found in the Specialist HQ area is fully online only and can not be used offline.

  • 2 Player split-screen support for multiplayer on all console platforms

  • 4 Player split-screen support for zombies on all console platforms

  • Full Create-a-Class is unlocked from the start

  • 14 Maps with base game (more available via free updates and paid DLC)

  • 3 Zombies maps with base game (more available as paid DLC)


Can I play Call of Duty Black Ops IIII offline?

Yes, however there is a mandatory update that is required before the game can be played, once updated for the PS4 and Xbox One console versions of Call of Duty Black Ops III are fully playable offline for Multiplayer and Zombies

Is there offline bot support in Call of Duty Black Ops IIII?

Yes you can play with bots in multiplayer and for the first time add friendly AI bots to the Zombies mode.

Is there offline split-screen support? How many players per console?

Yes, you can play split-screen in Call of Duty Black Ops IIII

Single Console:

1-2 players for Multiplayer

1-4 players for Zombies

LAN Play per console:

1-2 players per console for Multiplayer

1-2 players per console for Zombies

Is there an offline zombies mode?

Yes, there are multiple zombie modes in this game as well as having extensive customisation options for custom games

Is there offline create-a-class? is everything unlocked?

Yes, there is full offline create-a-class, everything is unlocked from the start for offline modes, DLC weapons do not work offline.